Thursday, February 7, 2013

Find your freedom in your weirdness

There are two raves always hardcore raging in my mind. One is at Barbie's dream house, the other in the Addams family castle. 

It has become routine for me to describe myself using odd, yet fitting analogies, as I am a dark and gloomy rainbow.

Exorcism Barbie.

A Lisa Frank sticker on the back of a murder’s tombstone. 

My contradictory strangeness is really not strange though. I've spent my young life diving deep into my dark and glittered soul. I’m constantly burrowing into the depths of my soul, as well as filling the crevices with new and interesting parts of my being that I’ll explore in the future.

We all have parts of us that cannot be seen, felt, or understood until we tap into ourselves and accept whatever our souls hold. I may seem unusual at times, but that’s only because I spend a lot of time discovering myself in solitude, which brings up everything life has given me thus far.

It takes a long time to fully accept yourself and what your soul is made of. But you won’t be able to unless you travel through your inner workings and find both your deepest darkness and your brightest light. 

We’re all “weird”. Every single one of us has unique qualities, interests, and habits that should be embraced and if someone has a problem with the original and beautiful person you were born to be, they’re not worthy of you. Get rid of every single person in your life that doesn't allow you to fully be yourself, open your soul, and find your freedom.


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  1. This is such a great commentary! Love it.

  2. Yay, another person obsessed Morticia! Her (and Wednesday) were my favourites <3

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