Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To The Man Who Fell to Earth

One of my biggest idols in life. Felt all kinds of sad magic today. Driving home tonight hearing Space Oddity on the radio, I thought about being in school and feeling like such a misfit.  Whenever I’d feel sad, I would put on Ziggy Stardust, paint my face with mass amounts of makeup, then cry it all off and go to sleep. I would wake up covered in glitter, completely reborn. This therapeutic and  ritualistic pattern became the means in which I was able to authentically evolve into myself. He helped me understand the complexity of my being.  The art of transformation. The realization that I can evolve into so many different versions of myself, all while staying true to my soul. To understand me is to understand David Bowie’s artistry.

Thank you for unlocking the magic in my heart and teaching me how to find freedom in the realm of my own eccentricities.

The universe has gained the most powerful star. What a blessing to have existed at the same time as you. Forever feeling magical. xo