Monday, February 27, 2012

Style Muse: Dita Von Teese

One of my all-time favorite fashionable ladies is none other than the Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese. Her fame is in an entirely different classification than that of most celebrities as she has single handedly built her rise to success in the public eye through modeling, burlesque dancing, acting, and costume designing. She has walked the runway for various haute couture shows (the ultimate act of fashion) and is considered an international fashion icon. Her love of old Hollywood and 1940s retro glamour are reflected in her style, and unlike many fashionable females in the public eye, she executes the majority of her glamour herself. She does her own makeup, dyes her own hair, refuses to ever have a stylist, and still manages to look flawless.

It’s quite difficult for me to even comprehend the stylistic perfection of Dita Von Teese . She takes glamour very very seriously, and that’s something I admire. Devotion to glamour seems to be occurring less and less in our world, which is a tragic fact to face. The uniform of our society has become a mix between either jeans and t-shirts or sweatpants and ugg boots. If that’s your style, great! Wear it proudly. However, I feel as if a certain sense of laziness has spread across civilization when it comes to fashion. The glam culture is not as prevalent amongst the masses as it once was, and I’m not ok with that. Girls who spend long hours putting themselves together each morning are looked down upon, as if it’s a waste of time and that the only reason for the excessive glamour is to impress others.

No one seems to understand the honesty behind glamour. The obsession with altering one’s appearance through the world of beauty comes across to many people as being “fake”, when in all honesty, nothing can be more real. It’s a foreign concept to most people, as we live in a day and age in which convenience and comfort are valued over everything. The idea of “let’s spend hours painting our face, molding our hair, and rebelling against the dress code of society” is simply just not understood by the majority of people anymore.

But people like Dita restore my hope in all of humanity. She understands the culture of glamour, the lifestyle of fashion. She understands reasons why I cannot stand wearing jeans, or the highly emotional tears of fashion I cried when I become an owner of Litas. She gets it. She understands the joy glamor brings to one’s life, and the importance of dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to our own personal styles. It’s not about impressing others; it’s about nurturing the glamour that’s embedded deep within our souls and harnessing the magic that happens upon glamorizing ourselves.

Dita lives, breathes, and radiates glamour. She is unafraid to wear whatever she wants, not matter how extravagant or overdone she may appear. There is nothing more genuine than her artificial black hair and signature red lips, as Dita purely wears her soul in her style. We are what we create for ourselves, and our bodies are seen as a blank canvas to the fashionable soul. One of my favorite things about Dita is that she is always fully committed to her style, no matter if she’s in the grocery store or on the red carpet. Fashion is not just a part of her life, fashion is her life. And the individuals who lead a lifestyle of fashion are those in which I admire most in this world, as I don’t know if it’s possible for anyone else to truly understand me.

Dita Von Teese has worked hard to achieve everything she’s set her mind to and is living proof that dreams are indeed possible no matter how varied or unattainable they may seem. She isn’t the standard “cookie cutter” image of what’s considered beautiful in our society, but she’s worked hard to overcome all of that and has paved her way into being one of the most recognizable women in fashion. She reinforces the idea in me that you don’t need a reason to dress up. If you feel the need to wear a sparkly dress and heels to the grocery store, don’t hesitate for a second! Work that frozen food isle like you’re strutting down the runway for Dior and let the magic of fashion free your soul from the toxic expectations of society.

Dita looking fabulous while grocery shopping
Walking the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier's FW 2007 Collection
Dita at the airport

Dita's wedding dress for her marriage to Marilyn Manson

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