Saturday, November 17, 2012

Magic of Makeup

Fashion and makeup go hand and hand. You  need to correlate your face to your clothes, your lips to your eye makeup, and so on a so fourth. Will a bold red lip go well with your outfit? How about neon blue eyeliner? And is there really such thing as too much glitter on the eyelids?! I think not.

Like fashion, makeup is one of my favorite drugs. Painting my face in the morning is therapeutic; tranquility at its finest. I think of myself as a blank canvas and everyday I'm able to transform into a piece of art. Call me superficial if you like, but nothing could be more real than the process of glamorous transformation. With makeup and fashion, I am a projection of who I am on the inside. The authenticity of my being comes fourth, and through the tools of glamour, I exist in the realm I was made for. I am liberated by the different versions of myself I'm able to create and my evolution in life can be seen through the artistry of my ever-changing appearance.

It makes me angry when people say girls who wear makeup are "fake". It's one of the most beautiful forms of expression and if playing around with makeup makes me fake, so be it. I don't want to be real anyway. I'd rather be imaginary and live in a world of magic where it rains glittery eyeshadows. I want to create my life rather than letting every aspect of it simply happen, and the world of glamour gives me the power and motivation to focus my enigmatic creativity.

From minimal makeup to full on drag queen faces, embrace the art of makeup. Sometimes at the end of the day I sit alone in my room and paint my face to the extreme. I layer on heavy eyeliner, grab some lipstick, darken my eyebrows, and then wash it all off. It's when I feel most glamorous, most beautiful, and most in tune with the universe.

If makeup's not your thing, find what makes your creative juices flow and let it devour you.

Minimal makeup. Before

After.  Gina 2.0
Find your freedom in art, and have a lovely weekend.




  1. Love that!!! Gorgeous!!

  2. your eyes dont need any make up honey !
    they are beautiful :)
    following you :)

  3. wow, you look so different with make-up.

  4. You looked really cute without makeup too.

  5. Love the lipstick, great idea for a post!

  6. Love your makeup, you look insanely pretty!

    Beautiful blog, I'm following :)